Limited Scope Audit and Reviews

A limited scope audit or review allows organisations to seek greater comfort in relation to perceived areas of financial business risk.  A limited scope audit or review may also be required when management wish to demonstrate high standards of accountability, present a greater level of credibility or where various stakeholders require assurance over specific areas. 

Limited scope audits or reviews may also be used for smaller organisations to enable them to access the services of reputable assurance providers where the cost / benefit of a full audit undertaken in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards is not considered appropriate.  These engagements can allow smaller organisations to access tailored and quality assurance services at an affordable price. 

We are proud and value our working relationships with both management and governance bodies which allow us to provide maximum value whilst maintaining strict independence. 

We would be pleased to talk to you about how our limited scope audit and review services can provide value to your business. 


Person: Jeff Tulk 

Limited Scope Audit and Reviews Specialists