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Financial Planning for your future

Achieve Your Financial Goals

We can assist you setting financial goals and developing a strategic plan to achieve them.


We can assist with maintaining your investment plans and setting-up new investments.

Investments and Managed Funds

There is a difference between different types of investments. With the right information we can help you work out what is possible and what is right for you.

Retirement Planning and Aged Care

Are you thinking about your next move? Are your parents relying on you?

We provide assistance for Superannuation and Retirement income, including Transition to Retirement.

Superannuation and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

We can advise on your investments held within your SMSF and help you manage your portfolio.

Wealth Protection and Estate Planning

Protecting your assets is just as important as creating them. Have you thought about Life Insurance?  Have you got a Will in place?

Wealth Advice for Wealth Solutions and Wealth Creation

Saward Dawson Wealth Advisors has been specializing in Financial Planning for nearly 20 years. We understand that developing a financial plan and monitoring it as circumstances change is the best way to ensure your financial future.

Whatever your stage in life, we are committed to assisting you develop and maintain your wealth portfolio.

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Achieve Your Financial Goals

We all know the importance of goal setting. As the saying goes, “if you aim at nothing you will achieve it every time”. Having defined goals and objectives lets you work towards achieving those goals and optimises your chance of success.

When it comes to financial goals, most people need to plan well ahead to ensure their long-term financial futures. Once you set your goal, a plan can be developed to navigate towards this goal. The route may include bumps and curves like raising a family and upgrading the family home, as well as stopovers like family holidays. But having a plan enables you to head in the right direction, confident that you have a plan to achieve your long-term goals.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than just simply providing investment advice. It is a comprehensive process which takes account of your existing circumstances, helping to define your goals and priorities, so that appropriate and suitable financial strategies can be put in place to achieve your objectives. Such strategies may encompass superannuation and retirement planning, tax and estate planning, regular savings plans, as well as investment and risk management.

Financial planning is also a continuous process which must take into account changes in your needs, goals and priorities and the changing financial environment to ensure that your financial and investment strategies continue to be relevant.

Our services

Everyone’s financial priorities differ. For some they will be the children’s education and mortgage repayments whilst for others seeking financial independence will be the main priority.
The Saward Dawson Financial Planning team take the time to help you plan your financial future. We look at short term and long term goals.

We believe that, as accountants, we are in an excellent position to assist in determining appropriate financial strategies to meet your objectives and provide ongoing advice and assistance in a complex and ever changing financial world.

To provide a more comprehensive service for clients, Saward Dawson Financial Services offers a quality financial planning and investment service within the context of the existing client relationship.

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Investments and Managed Funds

When it comes to building your wealth you are trying to reach a goal.

You need to know what you are aiming for and have a plan to get there.

The starting point of a sound investment strategy is to assess where you are now and where you want to be. You can then develop a strategy to get there. Once this has been done you can then assess the merits of different types of investment and how they can best work for you.

Our approach is to focus on getting the strategy right first. This will include doing a gap analysis so that the gap between where you are now and where you want to be is understood and a plan to bridge that gap can then be developed.

In light of the recent publicity surrounding the financial planning sector, it is fair to ask who you can trust to give you unbiased advice that is tailored to your needs. You want a trusted adviser whose only interest is to get the best solution for you. You want someone who is totally transparent, with no hidden agendas and who fully understands your position and aspirations.

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Retirement Planning and Aged Care

One of the things we all appreciate is how quickly time passes.  Each year seems to pass more quickly than the previous one and before you know it, a decade has passed!  So it is important for us all to ensure that we make the most of life and the opportunities it brings.  This includes planning for retirement.

You can never start too soon to plan for retirement. Building up adequate financial assets whilst raising a family, paying down the mortgage and achieving your lifestyle goals can be a challenge. Careful planning and discipline are integral to success.

Much to consider

There are many things to consider when planning for retirement. Things like: whether superannuation, which can’t be accessed till retirement, is preferable to other forms of investment; what is the most tax effective way to manage leave entitlements; will you be entitled to receive the government Aged Pension or other benefits; and will you be liable for tax during retirement.

So whether you are approaching retirement or planning well ahead of time, we can assist you in maximising the outcomes so that you can enjoy your retirement with adequate income.

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Superannuation and Self-Managed Super Funds

Although there are a few notable individuals who have worked on into their 80s most of us will be looking forward to the time when we don’t need to work and can choose how we spend our time.

There are various ways in which people can provide for their retirement but the most common, the most accessible, and usually the most tax-effective, is superannuation.

Saward Dawson has specialist superannuation professionals who can assist you in optimising your superannuation outcomes. This includes strategies such as:

  • Salary sacrificing additional contributions
  • Topping up with non-concessional contributions
  • Commencing a transition to retirement pension
  • Ways for those over 60 to optimise their superannuation opportunities
  • How business premises may be transferred to a self-managed superannuation fund
  • Reducing the tax consequences of death
  • How the small business CGT concessions can boost your superannuation.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

A SMSF is not for everyone. However, for many people who want to be actively involved in the investment of their superannuation funds or who want to hold a diverse range of investments including direct property, a SMSF is ideal. Our SMSF services include:

  • Establishment of SMSFs
  • Accounting and administration. We utilise the latest cloud based technologies so that you have access to real-time, up-to-date information
  • Annual compliance services
  • Auditing
  • Commencing a pension
  • Strategic planning covering the taxation, estate planning, investment and compliance aspects of SMSFs.
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Wealth Protection and Estate Planning

For some people, planning what happens when we die is a no-go zone. It brings up many emotions but it is an important part of keeping your affairs in order.

There are many things to consider when preparing a will. Questions like: what assets do I have; is my superannuation/life insurance part of my estate; who will care for my children; at what age should my children access the assets of the estate; what if one of my beneficiaries should die and under what circumstances; how is my business or family trust affected; and, what are the tax consequences of death.

Preparation of a clear and effective will is vital. Yet we never cease to be surprised by the number of people who do not have a valid will in place. If you die without a will, the cost and inconvenience to your family is substantial.

So why not start the conversation now? We will guide you through the process of ensuring that an effective will, that meets your desires and wishes, is able to be prepared. Your family will then have peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected should happen, your affairs will be in order.

Do you need assistance with your Financial Planning requirements?

We are specialists in Financial Planning services. See how we can work together to achieve your financial goals.

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