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Paul Tan

Manager - Audit and Assurance

Bachelor of Commerce
Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Paul Tan is a manager within the Audit and Assurance Division.

He has extensive experience across a range of industries including the commercial sector as well as many not-for-profit organisations. His expertise includes assisting clients with statutory and financial reporting requirements.

He leads the Aid and Mission sector specialisation team and manages the self-managed superannuation fund audit team.

Paul is passionate about coaching his team to achieve their full potential.

When out
of the office


Food, travelling and badminton

Since moving countries, getting married and working at Saward Dawson, Paul continues to regard life with passion.

He is active in his local church and during the weekends or in his free time Paul can be found hunting the best places to eat in Melbourne and around the globe. He never gets tired of talking about food with anyone who is willing to listen. He burns those calories through his weekly badminton sessions.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Anywhere with fantastic food and company.

Nevertheless, Paul often gets dragged along to exciting destinations (which he also enjoys) around Australia and the world by his favourite other half.

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