Aged Care

Saward Dawson provides a range of accounting services to many residential aged-care facilities and retirement villages across Australia.

We understand that each organisation is different. For providers of services to the aged community vary beyond residential care and retirement villages. Services could also include a range of home care support packages, community-based group activities, and support programs. We would love to hear how your service is helping the elderly in the community. 

Remuneration Services

Our remuneration services team can advise on the ability of an eldercare service provider. So that the service provider effectively manages its employee fringe benefit and salary packaging arrangements. 


We have a capable audit team. Our audits are completed and presented to provide your board with confidence. It will accurately show the annual financial report and the adequacy of your internal controls. In addition, show advice concerning meeting your governance obligations. We undertake full electronic audits embracing advanced data interrogation techniques. This enables us to use our expertise in the interpretation of variances, exceptions and matters requiring skill and judgment. Additionally, we perform audits of Annual Prudential Compliance Statements (APCS) under the Aged Care Act 1997 and Retirement Village Income Statement audits under the state retirement village acts. 


Our business consulting services include outsourced CFO arrangements on a temporary or ongoing basis. We also have specialists who can help advise you on your IT systems implications. The best advice looks to drive efficiencies, quality information and reporting. We can also assist in the development of management reporting and benchmarking tools and analysis. Your organisation’s needs is our priority so that you can do what you do best.

Kane Noorbergen - Aged Care Specialist

If you have any questions please contact our Aged Care specialist Kane Noorbergen.