Aid and Mission

Saward Dawson is proud to partner with various non-government organisations that invest in the well-being of the community. The Aid and Mission Sector is capable and well-experienced in this area.

Our passion and extensive involvement in the sector have allowed us to create and maintain relationships in this sector as we are connected with many aid and development-based organisations and religious mission and evangelical organisations. We work closely with our clients, regulators, and many peak bodies. The team are constantly updating our knowledge to maintain best practices advice. In addition, we analysis the strategic and regulatory changes to maintain expertise.

We understand the challenges the sector is facing, including:

  • Difficulties in obtaining revenue growth.
  • Increasing compliance and administration costs, especially around the ACNC External Conduct Standards.
  • Attracting and retaining quality board members, staff and field partners.
  • Complexity in compliance with the state fundraising act.

Our passionate team, actively participates in various fundraising and community development efforts. The team’s involvement shows our appreciation and support for the work you do. 


Our audits are designed to provide your board with confidence in the accuracy of your annual financial report as well as the adequacy of your internal controls, and advice concerning meeting your governance obligations. We undertake full electronic audits, embracing advancing data interrogation techniques. This enables us to use our expertise in the interpretation of variances, exceptions and matters requiring skill and judgment.

We are well versed with ACFID financial reporting and DFAT recognised development expenditure (RDE) requirement.

For committees or a board who is looking for a greater level of assurance but not in a position to implement full internal audit function, we have cost effective solutions to provide extended audit procedures around areas of governance interest or concern. 


Our tax team is well versed and highly knowledgeable in a large range of tax issues. The division can advise on exempt fringe benefits and charitable status within the not-for-profit sector including public benevolent institution (PBI) and OADGS requirements for tax deductibility status. 


Our consulting division is highly experienced. They are able to assist your organisation with a planned approach to compliance with the ACNC External Conduct Standards and ACFID code of conduct. 

Remuneration Services

Public benevolent institution and religious workers are entitled to exempt fringe benefits. Our in-house remuneration specialists, can advise on fringe benefits, salary packaging and taxation planning. 

Business Advisory and Accounting Assistance

We undertake various services including;

Monthly and year end accounting and reconciliation.

Preparation of budgets and cashflow forecasts.

Efficiently developed management accounts and accounting package training.

ATO reporting, including GST and payroll.

We would be pleased to talk to you to see how our services can benefit your organisation.

Paul Tan - Aid and Mission and Fair Work Registered Organisations Specialist

If you have any questions please contact our Aid and Mission specialist Paul Tan.