Cloud Accounting and Add-ons

Cloud Accounting and Add-ons

With the advancement of technology, accounting should not be tiresome. You should not need to worry about losing your accounting file, or not being able to work from home because the accounting file is saved in the office. Cloud accounting software takes away these worries and more.

So what is cloud accounting?  It is an accounting package where the data is stored on the provider’s secure servers. All you need to access your accounting data is an electronic device with an internet connection.

How can cloud accounting benefit me and my business?

  • Fast and secure access to your financial information, anytime, anywhere
  • Free up time to do the things you love by leveraging the automation capabilities of the cloud software
  • Collaborate online with your team and your trusted advisors
  • Go paperless with the use of data-extraction software to go along with your cloud accounting system
  • Forget about having to install version upgrades or back up the accounting file – all of these happen automatically and in the background

We are certified experts in cloud-based accounting systems such as Xero [insert link here] and Quickbooks Online [insert link here], as well as other cloud accounting packages.

Going beyond cloud accounting systems, we also assist our clients with building an ecosystem of connected cloud applications to automate the various business functions and unlock clarity on key financial information.  Here are some examples:

  • Hubdoc – extracts information from bills and receipts and records in the accounting system
  • ApprovalMax – enhances the approval process for accounts payable and accounts receivable and allows for multiple approval levels
  • Futrli – delivers cashflow reporting and budgeting, and utilises AI and machine learning to analyse your financial data
  • KeyPay – combines rosters, timesheets, leave management, reporting and payroll
  • Practice Ignition – automates the process of creating, sending and recording service proposals and also allows for automated direct debit

Say goodbye to your traditional accounting software that takes up too much of your valued time, speak to us today to get your business onto the cloud.

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