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Our Business Advisory gives expert guidance so your business can reach its potential


Business valuation requires an understanding of your business, an understanding of the market, and an accurate understanding of what is being valued.

Cloud Accounting
and Add-ons

Cloud Accounting software is terrific for some users and not so for others. Find out what the best fit for your business would be.


If you are in the process of recruiting new staff, we can help support your company through this.


We help you consider all aspects when operating in a foreign country.


We offer a full service of maintaining all accounting records, or can create a tailored solution that is right for you.

Remuneration Services

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we can assist in making sure that your remuneration arrangements are effective.


Look forward with tools that will help you in the future.


You shouldn’t just think about it when you are approaching 60.


Here to help you with those things that crop up and are out of the ordinary.

Innovative advice to enable you to run your business

Being a business owner is a rewarding opportunity. However, along with the demands of operating a business, come complex and seemingly never-ending obligations that are difficult to navigate.

As a business owner you have the critical responsibility to meet your financial and tax obligations, while importantly planning for your future, by ensuring your business is sustainable and most of all profitable.

Saward Dawson Business Advisory team has the experience and full service offering to go beyond simply meeting your obligatory compliance issues. We are able to assist with strategies to unlock your business’ potential, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best, run your business.

Do you need assistance with your business requirements?

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