Disability and Community Health

Saward Dawson has a long and valued relationship with the disability and community health services sector.

We are the host of the NDS Professional Community of Practice: Finance group.

Australia’s disability sectors have been and are under significant pressure and have been required to adapt to the NDIS environment. The pressures stems, not only from adapting to regulatory reforms, funding reductions and increased labour costs but also from the structural transformation from a social welfare to a social enterprise framework.

We have been leading the way to support the sector and our team is experienced, dedicated and are able to help sort through that changes to provide best practice, services and advice.


Our consulting team are experienced and fully understand the complexities surrounding the disability and community services sector. They are passionate about supporting the sector and providing best practice advice on strategic change management and adaptation imperatives including service costing and profitability analysis.


Our audits focus on providing insight into internal control systems, quality and completeness of accounting records, adequacy of accounting policies, compliance with applicable legislation and risks faced by the organisation. Our experience in this sector enables us to understand the key drivers of financial performance and our benchmarking allows us to identify areas of key risk.

We undertake fully electronic audits embracing advanced data interrogation techniques that enable us to use our expertise and skills in the interpretation of variances and exceptions.

We are proud of and value our working relationships with both management and governance bodies. They help to ensure that maximum value is provided whilst maintaining strict independence. Our audits are undertaken in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards.


Ensuring that the appropriate business structuring, accounting and tax considerations have been set up for the organisation are critical. We have assisted many organisation navigate the complexities of tax and charity compliance obligations and reporting.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and demonstrate how we are the right partner as you navigate through the challenges and help your clients.

Jeff Tulk - Environmental Accounting, Community Service, Disability, Community Health, Environment and members based specialist

If you have any questions please contact our Disability and Community Health specialist Jeff Tulk.