Audit & Assurance

Identifying practical solutions & providing balanced & realistic advice


Our audits of business clients are designed to meet your requirements and assist you grow your business.


Not-for-profits have different objectives and requirements. As a specialist not-for-profit auditor we can ensure we meet your needs.


Analysing risks, assessing internal controls and undertaking data analysis all form part of our internal audit service offering.

Grants &

Do you need assurance over your grant funding? We are familiar with many grant requirements enabling efficient and timely acquittals.


Our due diligence approach focuses on the key risks to enable you to make a fully informed evaluation of any merger or acquisition.

Limited Scope

Do you need assurance over a component or report. Our flexible audit approach ensures limited scope engagements are low impact on you and your organisation.

In depth knowledge of our clients & the industries

The Saward Dawson audit methodology and approach is designed to ensure we perform a complete a quality risk based audit that will assist those in governance fulfil their responsibilities. We are committed to identifying pragmatic and practical solutions to issues and providing balanced and realistic advice and recommendations.

We understand that our clients are not only after an audit report but also a professional partner who can provide additional value through accurate and timely advice, sector knowledge, training opportunities and a commitment to continuous improvement processes. 

With over 20 dedicated audit staff we structure our teams to ensure long term relationships that build in depth knowledge of our clients and the industries they operate within. These relationships enable us to apply this experience to your organisation.

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