Member-Based Organisations and Peak Bodies

Saward Dawson provides a range of services to many Member-Based Organisations and Peak Bodies across Australia.

We understand that each organisation is different. Member organisations activities vary beyond membership fees to include training, accreditation, advocacy, publications, conferences and events, advertising, research and government grant-funded programs.


Our taxation services team can advise on the ability of a peak body or membership-based organisation to obtain charity status and tax exemption. Many member-based organisations are not tax-exempt. Therefore, we prepare taxation calculations and returns based on the principle of mutuality.


Our audits are designed to provide your board with confidence over the accuracy of the annual financial report and the adequacy of your internal controls. In addition, advice about meeting your governance obligations. We undertake full electronic audits embracing advanced data interrogation techniques that enables us to use our expertise in the interpretation of variances, exceptions and matters requiring skill and judgment.

Our clients include organisations registered under the Fair Work Act.


Our business consulting services include outsourced CFO arrangements on a temporary or ongoing basis. We also have specialist systems advice and improvement to assist in your selection and implementation of IT systems to drive efficiencies and quality information and reporting.

We would be pleased to talk to you about how our services can benefit your organisation.

Jeff Tulk - Environmental Accounting, Community Service, Disability, Community Health, Environment and members based specialist

If you have any questions please contact our Member-Based Organisations and Peak Bodies specialist Jeff Tulk.