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Not-for-Profit Audit

We see the opportunities in your sector

We are passionate to make a positive impact to our community and we have been privileged to service the not-for-profit (NFP) sector through our service offerings and engaging with regulators such as the ACNC to be the voice for the sector.

We understand that within the NFP there are distinct needs and obligations in every industry. To meet those needs, we have dedicated teams of passionate and experienced staff who have a comprehensive knowledge of your industry.

Our audit service is a partnership to support your organisation’s governance. We value relationships and we seek to engage with different levels of your team to provide the best results.

Industry specialisation

Industry experience & knowledge

  • Registered organisation
  • Member peak bodies
  • Sporting clubs
  • Medical and allied health
  • Public and private ancillary funds

Not-for-Profit Audit Specialists