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Small Business
CGT concessions

Qualifying for the four small business Capital Gains Tax (CGT) concessions and satisfying the basic conditions.


The broad-based tax of 10% on goods and services that are sold in Australia.


From the straight forward tax return, to what seems totally incomprehensible.


Is there a more tax effective way to package your salary?

Building Wealth,
Estate Planning & Retirement

We’re interested in getting the best solution for you and planning for the unexpected – it can give your family some peace of mind.


Most people don’t think about managing the risks that might affect their family.

Deceased Estate

Managing the administration process of an Estate is hard on anyone, especially if you are acting as the Executor for the Estate – We can help you ease the burden of dealing with the taxation side of things.

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Consider your financial well-being, and that of your loved ones. Chances are you need a trusted advisor to help you through the decisions. The financial world is complex, and to navigate it you need expertise and knowledge.

Certainly there are taxation obligations, but Saward Dawson has the expertise and full service offerings that can help you to achieve rewarding financial goals.

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