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Matthew Stokes

Principal - Business Advisory and consulting

Bachelor of Commerce/Science
Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Matt is one of our four Business Advisory managers.

Matt looks after a portfolio of SMEs across a wide range of industries. He provides services such as: individual and corporate taxation advice, FBT and GST advice, business and tax structuring advice, accounting and cash flow analysis and general business guidance.

Matt's expertise in developing Excel based forecasting and modelling tools, helps businesses grow and understand their future needs.

Matt says, "One of the things I really enjoy about my job is developing long-term relationships with my clients."

When out
of the office


Spending time with his wife and daughters

Matt really values the time he gets with his family. He and his wife are keen walkers, and with a young family the pace is often not very fast, but it is always enjoyable.

Taking time to slow down and reading a good book is one of Matt's favourite things.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Matt puts it this way, "I don't really have a favourite. As long as it is somewhere quiet."

Matthew Stokes's Articles

Could your business survive without you?

If you want your business to thrive in the marketplace on a long-term basis and to be of enduring value, you need to ensure that its success is not dependant on any one individual. In many small to medium sized businesses, that one individual is often the owner. The most effective way you can protect […]

Separate business and personal assets

If you have a company, partnership or trust structure it is vital to understand what is a business asset and what is not. We find that the clients who get their affairs into a mess inevitably mix business and private expenditure in the business records.Firstly, ensure that you have a business bank account into which […]

Pay your PAYG and super obligations

Our tax system requires an employer to deduct tax from employees’ wages and at the end of the quarter give the money to the ATO. The tax deducted is then credited off the employees’ tax bill. This system leaves the tax deducted from wages in the employer’s bank account for up to four months. Similarly, […]

Put aside funds for tax

If a new company starts now it does not have to pay any tax until the end of this financial year and depending on the when the tax return is lodged, it may not have to pay tax for another 11 months after the end of the financial year. This seems like a tax holiday […]

Be prepared to chuck it in

Being realistic about the prospects of success is essential. It is better to walk away from a business with your marriage intact and some home equity left. Before starting, we recommend that you work out your breakeven point and how much capital you are prepared to lose in developing the business.If the business is losing […]