Fair Work Registered Organisations

At Saward Dawson, we provide a range of services to Fair Work Registered Organisations including auditing and accounting services. A registered organisation is an association of employees or an association of employers. It could also be an enterprise association that has been registered by the Fair Work Commission under the RO Act. 

We understand that each organisation is different. We see registered organisations activities vary beyond legal representation. They include creating a community, empowering the voiceless, and providing valuable resources to members.

We are aware of the importance of high standards of governance and policies, as well as compliance with:

We work with some of the largest associations of employees in Australia. For we have experience in dealing the financial reporting and governance challenges.


Our audits are designed to provide your members and governance body with confidence in the accuracy of the annual financial report. As well as, the material deficiencies in your internal control framework and advice concerning meeting your governance obligations. In addition, our audits are performed under strict ROC requirements. This includes compliance with section 253 reporting guidelines and subsection 255(2A) of the RO Act. We undertake full electronic audits embracing advanced data interrogation techniques. This enables us to use our expertise in the interpretation of variances, exceptions and matters requiring skill and judgment.

We pride ourselves on providing proactive advice and risk-based extended audit procedures maximise value. As well as to assist organisations with continuous improvement.

Our auditor partners are registered with the ROC and we are well placed to provide a seamless transition during the rotation of auditors.

Business Advisory and Accounting Assistance

We undertake various services including monthly and year-end accounting and reconciliation. In addition, preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts, development of professional, efficiently developed management accounts and accounting package training.

Remuneration Services

We have an in-house remuneration specialist, who can advise fringe benefits, salary packaging and taxation planning.

Paul Tan - Aid and Mission and Fair Work Registered Organisations Specialist

If you have any questions please contact our Fair Work Registered Organisations specialist Paul Tan.