Introducing our client portal

As a valued client of Saward Dawson, your security is our top priority. 

We have created a secure client portal to ensure the safe exchange of information with you. Here you can access documents we share such as income tax returns, financial statements and correspondence from the Taxation Office. You can also securely upload documents to us with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ‘s)

What will the client portal be used for?

Saward Dawson offers a range of services, including Audit, Business Advisory & Tax, Wealth Management, Superannuation, and more. Our client portal is designed to be the central hub for exchanging information such as documents, forms, and government communications. Coupled with Annature as our chosen eSignature provider, collaborating with us is both easy and secure. Additionally, you’ll have convenient access to permanently shared documents. You may also choose to securely store other documents like Wills & Powers of Attorney

What is the process for securely exchanging documents? 

You will be emailed a link to any sensitive documents we wish to exchange with you. We will also provide you with a discrete “upload” folder link where you can securely upload the documents you wish to share with us. 

When clicking a document or folder link, you will be asked to enter the preferred email address we have recorded on your client file. You will then be emailed a secure code to access the document or folder. 

If your email address is associated with a Microsoft account, you can use your normal Microsoft authentication process to access your portal. However, if you don’t have a Microsoft account, you will be emailed a one-time code each time you log in. Please see this help video on setting up a free Microsoft account to make your account more secure. 

What platform is the portal built in?

Our portal is underpinned by Microsoft’s SharePoint architecture meaning we can take advantage of Microsoft’s trusted cloud and security authentication services to provide you with a simple and highly secure user experience.

Is the client portal secure?

With security being our top priority, all data within the client portal is encrypted at rest using AES 256-T. Authorised staff can only access information via a controlled and monitored Two Factor Authenticaion (2FA) process. We also recommend that clients set up a Microsoft account with 2FA turned on for your private security. 

Why do I need a portal?

Safeguarding the security of your confidential information is our utmost priority. Recognising that email may not provide the highest level of security, especially given the sensitive nature of the financial information we exchange, we have purposefully designed the portal to minimise the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands.
Your privacy and data protection are at the core of our commitment.

Can I still email the firm

Of course, we continue to recognise the value of email as a communication method. However, with security as our focus, we will always prioritise requesting and sending sensitive documents via the portal.

What about my family group entities?

For each of your entities (e.g. personal, trust, company, SMSF), we’ve set up a dedicated folder structure to keep things organized. This way, we can neatly arrange documents for each entity in its own folder. What’s even better is that these entity folders come with secure user permissions. This means we can easily grant or revoke access to each folder, ensuring that information is shared only with those who need it. Your data, your way!

When I upload using the portal, what happens to my documents?

When you want to upload a document to the portal, head over to the ‘Upload’ folder in the specific entity you’re working with. After you upload a document, within about 10 minutes, your document will cease to appear in the ‘Upload’ folder as it is securely filed in our internal document management system. We will then refile the document to the portal to keep things super organised for you.

How do I know if I need to check my portal?

Rest assured; we’ll continue to notify you via email to flag when a document has been shared to your portal. Likewise, we’ll send email alerts when we require a document to be signed through Annature. 

Can I use my mobile to access the portal

Absolutely! What’s great about our portal is that you can effortlessly exchange information and authorise documents using any device of your choice

How can I eSign documents?

For eSigning, we’ve teamed up with leading Australian digital signing provider, Annature. When a document needs your signature, we will email you a secure link via Annature; simply follow the prompts to sign (further instructions here). Once done, we’ll seamlessly transfer the signed document to your client portal.

What if I don’t want a client portal?

“We think you’ll love using our client portal for all the security and efficiency reasons mentioned earlier. However, we get it – not everyone is ready for digital adventures. No worries, though! If you prefer good old-fashioned paper, just give us a heads up. For sensitive documents, we won’t be using email anymore, but we’re here to make sure you can receive them in whatever way suits you best. Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen!”