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Exempt benefits for religious practitioners

Date: July 21, 2021

Location: Webinar

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This session has concluded, however you can watch the recording below:


PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here

Religious institutions are able to provide tax-free remuneration in the form of exempt benefits to religious practitioners. However, they are not always aware of the conditions that need to be satisfied for this remuneration to be tax-free and often do not structure this correctly.
Murray Nicholls of Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants has presented a webinar that will enable you to understand issues associated with the provision of exempt benefits further. This webinar covers the following topics:

  • An explanation of what is a benefit and who can receive these;
  • The conditions that must be satisfied for benefits to religious practitioners to be exempt;
  • Correct structuring of exempt benefits; and
  • Some risk issues that are relevant to religious institutions

Murray is the director of Remuneration Services at Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants, and has substantial experience in advising religious institutions on remuneration issues. Murray is also familiar with the practical issues associated with the provision of exempt benefits through his previous voluntary role as a church treasurer.