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Audit & Assurance

Limited Scope Audit and Reviews

A limited scope audit or review allows organisations to seek greater comfort in relation to perceived areas of financial business risk.  A limited scope audit or review may be required when management wish to demonstrate high standards of accountability, present a greater level of credibility or where various stakeholders require assurance over specific areas. Limited […]

Due Diligence

Organisations in both the commercial and the not-for-profit sectors often have business or acquisition opportunities. On many occasions, management or the governance body will require an independent opinion of certain aspects of the financial risks. An emphasis on purpose We design our diligence procedures with an emphasis on the purpose and objectives of the due […]

Grants and Acquittals

Many NFP organisations receive funding that requires separate acquittal confirming the funds have been spent in accordance with the terms of the grant. We work with our clients to determine the format of the reporting requirements, the type of assurance required and the timing of the assurance report.  The responsibility for compliance with the terms […]

Internal Audit

Internal audits are a broad base assurance function to strengthen organisational operation and governance. They are designed to be an independent, objective assurance activity to add value to business operations and assists organisation to accomplish its objectives by: Bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to business risk evaluation Improving the effectiveness of risk management processes […]

Not-for-Profit Audit

Commercial Audit

We undertake the statutory audit of many commercial businesses that require audits for a variety of reasons: they are a public company, they meet the definition of a large company (under the Corporations Act), they are a small foreign controlled company, it is a requirement under their financing facilities, it is a requirement under their shareholder […]