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Simon Dinér

Manager – Taxation

Bachelor of Commerce – University of Melbourne
Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Master of Applied Taxation – University of New South Wales

Simon specialises in helping individuals with their taxation obligations.
He strives to achieve the best tax outcome for his clients, both with their annual tax returns and developing tax planning for the future.

Simon leads a team of tax professionals and is actively involved in taxation training and advice throughout the firm.

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When out
of the office


Sports: Cycling and squash

Simon cycles at every opportunity and plays squash often. Simon has a growing family and enjoys DIY projects

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Simon’s family camps multiple times a year and each camping trip is a joy for his him and his family.

Simon Dinér's Articles

Cryptocurrency and Tax

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more mainstream, with now approximately 1 in 5 Australian adults owning cryptocurrency.  It is important to realise that acquiring Cryptocurrency has tax implications.   The Australian Taxation Office treats the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrency similarly to other investments.  If you are generating income from the investments, you will be taxed […]

Year end 20/21 Tax Tips for Individuals

As we approach  the end of the 2021 financial year, it is time for you to review all your records to ensure you maximise your tax deductions in this year’s tax return. Here are some top tax planning tips. The tax return process is made much more efficient if you have all your documentary evidence […]