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With a long history of building lasting relationships, we are pleased to introduce some of our clients.

Tasty Trucks

With around 130 trucks on the road delivering fresh and tasty food to more than 25,000 workers everyday, significant amounts of leftover food could potentially go to waste everyday. But this ethical dilemma has been solved by teaming up with Vinnies Soup Vans to feed the homeless and marginalised around our city.


From a bold idea of a few uni students has come a consumer product organisation which is changing lives around the planet.  It started with Thankyou Water and now they supply a range of products that empowers the everyday Australian to make a difference through a simple choice within their everyday life.

Business and Corporate


The future of renewable energy in Australia and around the world will become increasingly important over the next few years and decades. The solution of the world’s energy problems will require long term vision and innovation. ENERCON is playing a significant role around the world.

Geofabrics Australasia

With land availability and ecosystems under increasing pressure, we are now recognising the importance of sustainable development. Geofabrics manufacture and distribute a range of products that reduce the environmental impact of engineering projects.


Holyoake has the reputation as an innovative leader in their industry. With a proud history starting in New Zealand, they are now the leading supplier of air distribution equipment in the Asia-Pacific region.

Footcare International

It is not all one-way traffic. A local manufacturer is making high quality products that not only take on the big guys locally but are finding export markets in the most unlikely places.

ALS Library Services

Have you ever wondered where and how libraries source their books? ALS Library Services provides a complete service to libraries, making a potentially overwhelming task easy.

Wirrawonga Consulting

When you put a beautiful new pool in your backyard it can provide an oasis of retreat, fun and memories. Wirrawonga do the engineering design to ensure that it stays where it is supposed to be avoiding all sorts of nightmares in years to come.

Brighton Travelworld

When it comes to industries that have been affected by world events, the travel industry would have to be at the top of the list. Brighton Travelworld have responded to events that are outside our control and thrived.

Active Health Clinic

Chronic Fatigue can be as mystifying to the sufferer as to those around them. It can be completely debilitating and cause isolation and depression. But Active Health can help people get the best possible out of life.

Burns Bridge Australia

Burns Bridge provide project and construction management and have some of Australia’s most respected organisations as clients. Now celebrating their 20th birthday, they regard the importance they place on client relationships as fundamental to their success.


Have you been wondering what those square pixellated codes are that are creeping onto advertisements, brochures and business cards? They are QR codes and CodeSafe has developed a Visual Communication Platform that utilises their best aspects, eliminates the main downsides, and uses them to improve workplace safety.

Conmor Cranes

Succession planning was vital when, after 40 years, there was no further generation to take over the reins of this successful family company.


The IT industry has certainly had it ups and downs. Day3 is no exception. However, a vision for developing technologies and markets enables them to see an exciting future.

Ergo Consulting

When Ergo explain their approach you can see how it differs from traditional management thinking. They know that when they take on projects, things are going to change along the way.

FLIR Systems Inc.

Whilst “a picture is worth a thousand words”, a FLIR picture is even more valuable. FLIR Systems Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging or Infrared Camera systems.

Graphix Labels.

Digital printing has made what was previously impossible, possible. In the area of flexible packaging, Graphix are the leaders in Australasia and are breaking new ground in how manufactures can present their products to consumers.


.id help shape Australia by producing websites that make sense of the Australian census data. Their clients plan and provide infrastructure that will serve Australians for decades. The information they receive from .id helps them to plan with certainty.

Land Design Partnership

Land Design enjoy it when people don’t notice their work; they just use it, walk past it and enjoy it. As Landscape Architects, they have an important role to play as we change our surroundings.

Loral Ipsum

Loral Ipsum believe we can have clean homes and a clean environment. They are a local manufacturer of a large range of cleaning products and are very active in the local community.

MCL Constructions

MCL is a boutique builder serving clients who seek quality craftsmanship and individuality. They place great value on their reputation for quality workmanship and integrity.

Barry Gale Engineering

This team of expert engineers and professionals has a passion that goes well beyond the project itself.


How Saward Dawson helped Multicrop recover from a disaster that would have completely wiped out many companies.

Revelation Software

You don’t have to be big to be significant. With a client list of the world’s largest companies and organisations, Revelation is making an impact in more ways than one.

Ringwood Jewellers

Winning the Best Micro Business Award in Maroondah City Council’s 2004 Business Excellence Awards was a great thrill for Peter and Pam Beever. But there is a lot more to them than just being an award winning jewellery business.

Upstream Technology

Upstream Technology is Australia’s leading provider of printer and output management solutions. Based in Melbourne and with a significant presence in Sydney, Upstream has a staggering 200 billion pages under their management.


Readings offer a shopping experience that breaks the mould of stereotyped retailing. Each of their 5 stores has its own distinct character.

Statcom Systems

Australia has an enviable record of public building safety. It is down to good management, not good luck. Statcom is leading the way.

Western Private Hospital

The Western Private Hospital plays a vital role in the delivery of health services to both Melbourne and regional Victoria. It makes a very significant contribution to the lives of many people.

Yawarra Information Appliances

So you thought that computers couldn’t get any smaller… Yawarra has a range of small computer hardware that will make you think again


Animal Aid

Council for Educational Research is one of the world’s leading educational research centres. They have an international reputation for excellence.


The challenges are great requiring worldwide action and leadership. B4MD enables some of Australia’s largest businesses to utilise their core competencies to do business with the poor in emerging markets.


When disaster strikes as was the case in Haiti recently, it is the people with disabilities that are most often forgotten. CBM is committed to helping people living with disabilities in the world’s poorest countries.


3MBS brings the finest of music to Melbourne’s listening audience. It was a pioneer of Australian community radio.

EW Tipping Foundation

The Foundation recognises the rights of everyone, regardless of ability, to enjoy equal rights and responsibilities as citizens. This includes the right to choose the way they want to live, to participate in the community and to receive respect.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

Nothing exemplifies Melbourne’s reputation as the cultural capital of Australia more than the Heide Museum of Modern Art. It is renowned for its collections of modern and contemporary art.

Making connections

When two of our clients got together, they changed lives for people in a remote area of Indonesia

Operation Stitches

Kids in the high rise buildings of Melbourne are surrounded by crime and and sometimes living in homes where even the most basic of needs are absent. Stitches brings them hope.

Open House

Open House is a registered charity who is making a genuine difference in the lives of many of Melbourne’s under-privileged people.


Advertising the “World’s Most Useful Gift Catalogue” is a pretty tall claim. But TEAR do amazing work with some of the world’s most marginalised people. Their claim might be right on the money.


A new Australian not-for-profit agency is preparing to bring fresh, clean water and improved sanitation to people in developing countries.

The Wheeler Center

It may be surprising to find that Melbourne is a UNESCO City of Literature. Playing a large role in this recognition is the Wheeler Centre, a community that is engaging people locally and globally through writing, thinking and communication.Individuals with interesting stories

Individuals with interesting stories

Elaine and Reg Smith

Living on the cliffs of Mount Eliza, they own one of Melbourne’s most outstanding private gardens. Blooming incredible!

Ken and Jane

Retired investors, happily married for 46 years, they migrated here as a young married couple. Jane’s poem The Accountant has really made us smile.

Merrill Kitchen

Merrill has a passion to bring understanding between the various Middle Eastern cultures. Her unassuming attitude belies an amazing story of commitment, sacrifice and achievement.