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Jacki McLellan

Manager - Administration

Jacki joined Saward Dawson in 2000 when we were smaller and the Admin team too, was proportionally smaller. She has led the team through a period of growth seeing them take on far greater responsibilities while supporting the accountants, managers and partners.

She has a passion for doing things well. This is most evident in her eye for detail and leaving nothing to chance. Our clients see this most often when attending seminars and events that invariably get comments of "how well organised it was" and "the finishing touches were great".

When out
of the office


Being a Mum

It is not possible to talk about Jacki without using the word "Collingwood". The passion for all things Black and White runs through her bloodstream. It goes without saying that she and her son are there every week, through thick and thin, watching every kick, handball and bad umpiring decision. Jacki is as close as you get to a non-playing player.

She does however love the running around part of sport too. She plays in every game of netball that time permits.

Favourite Holiday Destination:

Jacki loves getting away "up the Murray" to simply get some sun and relax. She has occasionally been known to do this when Collingwood are playing at the "G". That is why they invented television!

And of course there was the "girls only" trip to New York. Ask her about the best places to eat and watching the Knicks.