Business Advisory

Remuneration Services

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we can assist in making sure that your remuneration arrangements are effective. Employers We focus on the essential to deliver what you need and can have complete confidence in.  This enables you to have assurance that your employer obligations are right. Areas that we can assist with […]

Effective Management

How can someone be an effective manager? Quite often it is the manager who can make or break the working life of their employees. There is a saying “People don’t leave businesses, they leave managers.” The morale and success of the team is directly impacted by the relationship between a manager and their direct reports. […]

Cloud Accounting and Add-ons

With the advancement of technology, accounting should not be tiresome. You should not need to worry about losing your accounting file, or not being able to work from home because the accounting file is saved in the office. Cloud accounting software takes away these worries and more. So what is cloud accounting?  It is an […]

Regular Accounting

Now more than ever it is crucial for business to have up to date and accurate financial information. However for many businesses, keeping their accounting records up-to-date is a constant chore. The latest technologies available both in desktop and cloud based accounting systems make staying up-to-date much easier than ever before. At any level At […]

Succession Planning

Congratulations on having built a successful business. But how will you fully release the value of that business for the benefit of your family? Succession planning sounds like the sort of thing you do when you are approaching 60 but in reality you should be thinking about this much earlier. It is as much about […]

Taxation Consulting

Taxation can become complicated. For routine transactions, things are usually straight forward. However, you need someone to turn to when something out of the ordinary arises. When something crops up in business like an international transaction, a one-off deal, an unusual sale or purchase, the sale or purchase of a business, or a myriad of […]

International Services

Conducting business in your home country can be challenging enough, but establishing and operating a business in a foreign country opens up a whole new world of things to consider. Saward Dawson will help you navigate your way through local tax and employment requirements and ensure your Australian operations are governed well. Our services include: […]

Strategic Planning

Undoubtedly, there are some businesses that succeed despite the absence of planning and preparation, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Careful and strategic planning will enable a business to optimise its potential and reduce the risks of doing business. Whether you are starting a new business venture or expanding your current business, […]