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GST disputes in the courts

The last few years has seen a growing list of GST court cases; many between the ATO and the taxpayer. However, many cases have been between the parties to a contract. After more than nine years of GST, it is surprising how often there are disputes about the wording of GST clauses in contracts and […]

Business succession – Another perspective

As business owners get older and contemplate slowing down the question they often ask is ‘who is going to buy my business?’ However, selling the business is not the only succession strategy that should be considered. We often find that when we inform clients of the real value of their business they then realise that […]

The fixed rate temptation

The recent Reserve Bank increases to interest rates naturally create anxiety for those with home and investment loans. For quite some time, interest rates have been at unprecedented lows due to the Global Financial Crisis and the need to stimulate the economy. Inevitably, however, they must return to more natural levels. The last two rate […]

Unfair dismissal – Make your business thrive

One of the most talked about aspects of the Fair Work Act is the unfair dismissal changes. They apply to all businesses although some concessions are made for small businesses. Unfair dismissal claims may include the circumstance where the dismissal was for reasons of performance related (poor performance) issues. Complying with the law The law […]

Sale of business – Protecting goodwill

When purchasing a business, it is not unusual for the purchaser to be well into the acquisition before realising that there are key issues which were not contemplated either:  during the early stages of their decision to acquire the business or around the time the business is transferred. The implications of such ‘surprises’ can range […]

Superannuation pension strategy

Transition to Retirement Income Streams (TRIS) A TRIS is available to anyone who has reached their preservation age. Currently a member aged 55 or over can access their superannuation benefits while still working via a TRIS. If you were born before 1 July 1960 your preservation age is 55 and rises to 60 for those […]

Reviewing SMSF investment strategies

Whilst always important, reviewing the investment strategy of your SMSF in  these turbulent times, is even more critical so that the best possible investment choices can be made. Trustees need to prepare and implement an investment strategy that is centred on the requirements of the fund and its members. The strategy should enable the trustees […]

Turmoil… What does it mean for my business?

In our last newsletter we commented on how quickly things can change. None of us thought at that stage we would see the events of the last few months. However, the observations of massive change are not particularly helpful in themselves. The question is, what does this change mean for you. It is crucial that […]

Superannuation and business Real Property

In general, trustees of SMSFs are unable to acquire assets from related parties and may only maintain ‘in-house assets’ (i.e., assets involving dealings with related parties) when their value is less than 5% of the total value of the fund’s assets. However, an exclusion to these requirements applies in relation to ‘business real property’. When […]

Investing in volatile times

Recent volatility in the world investment markets can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety for investors. At such a time, risks can be taken causing the loss of long-term, well earned benefits. Market downturns are inevitable and it is impossible to predict movements accurately. Moving in cycles It might be tempting to move money out […]