Business for Development – Charity inFocus

Saward Dawson has partnered with Business for Development over many years through the provision of professional services at discounted rates.  We are excited about the impact that Business for Development has in rural communities in developing countries.  Saward Dawson exist to have a positive impact and we are excited to raise funds for an organisation that has shared values.

Business for Development have been our Charity inFocus for the past 6 months. As a firm we hosted a lunch on Earth Day to raise funds and participated in a round of Trivia that tested our environmental knowledge, hosted by a staff member from Business for Development. Our staff members were also able to learn more about what this organisation does for the rural community.

Business for Development is an organisation that is looking to help businesses become more sustainable. The organisation is also working towards helping improve the livelihoods of farmers around Australia, Asia Pacific, and Africa. And by improving the approach to agriculture and linking them to various resources like markets, Business for Development can help lift these farmers out of rural poverty.

Today there are 500 million smallholder farmers live in rural poverty, and more than 2 billion people depend on them for their livelihoods.

That’s 26.7% of the world’s population, who struggle to fulfill their basic needs.

Business for Development lifts these farmers out of rural poverty by improving their approach to agriculture and linking them to markets, partners, information, capital, and resources.

When farmers prosper, their communities prosper too. When farmers have extra income, they invest in their children’s education and health, they build businesses in their communities. As a result, the ecosystem of the community shifts towards a positive spiral out of entrenched poverty. And when they practice climate-smart farming techniques, the environment around them benefits as well, so that future generations can grow food and are economically empowered.

Women farmers participating in Business for Development’s Kwale Agribusiness Program in Kenya

If you would like to read more about what Business for Development does, including the various programs that they run and ways that you can support them, you can do so by visiting their website: