Our ethos and vision

The partners and staff strive to achieve professional excellence and display the utmost honesty and integrity as we serve our clients.

Our commitment to professionalism means we uphold the standards of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, we strive for excellence in all we do, we deliver the service and advice required by our clients, and we stay at the forefront of our profession.

Our commitment to Christian values means that we carry out our work with the utmost integrity and recognise that our relationship with staff and clients is not simply about fees and profit. We understand that staff and clients have needs and commitments outside of our interaction with them. For clients it means that we will often provide discounted services in recognition of their financial capacity, their current circumstances or their own mission and purpose. For staff it means that we recognise that we all need to achieve balance in our commitments to our work, our families and the broader community.

Our commitment to community means that we seek to create a workplace where we recognise that work needs to be intrinsically rewarding for an employee and is to be a place that we enjoy coming to. We also understand that the profession will place demands on our employees from time to time – demands that we, as professionals, must respond to. However, we are concerned to ensure that those demands do not overtake to the point where balance in our family and community commitments is not able to be achieved.

Outcomes for us all

The partners and staff alike should be able to derive the following outcomes as a result of their engagement with Saward Dawson:

  • An appropriate financial reward
  • A balanced lifestyle
  • Professional fulfilment with opportunities for leadership and continued professional development.