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Charity InFocus

At Saward Dawson, we are proud to be able to support more than 250 charities throughout the year. We provide these charities with professional services at discounted rates, technical resources, and training and sector knowledge by working closely with those who work in the sector. We believe that generosity is foundational to our core values.

Our Charity inFocus program allows us to select a new charity every 6 months to focus on.  As a firm, we rally together by raising funds via workplace giving and hosting various activities to support and raise awareness for the charity. Some of the previous charities we have selected include, SOS Charitable Foundation, CBM and Empower.

Throughout the year, we select certain charities that we believe make a significant impact in our community and, as a firm, provide financial support for the work that they do.

Charity inFocus

July 2021 – December 2021

Saward Dawson has partnered with Solve-TAD over many years through the provision of professional services at discounted rates.  We are excited about the impact that Solve-TAD has in many lives. This is why we have chosen to partner with them for the second half of 2021 as our chosen ‘Charity inFocus’.

Solve-TAD volunteers design and build innovative, personalized Assistive Technology solutions to increase independence and quality of life. Solve and TAD are registered NDIS providers with services available to people of all ages living with disability.

Solve and TAD have joined together to create ‘Freedom Wheels’. Freedom Wheels is a service where skilled staff & volunteers work closely to create custom bikes for people living with a disability, who can’t ride standard bikes. Because, ‘everyone deserves the chance to ride a bike’.

Saward Dawson exist to have a positive impact and we are excited to raise funds for an organisation that has shared values. During the month of October, Saward Dawson staff members will be participating in ‘Ready, Set, Move!’ They will each create their own challenge to fundraise and contribute towards Solve-TADs fundraising goal.

Head to their website to find out more or how you can help out too.


Saward Dawson exists to have a positive impact – on our clients, our staff and our community.  One way we do this is through the employment of talented young people and invest in their training and skill development to enable them to assist many businesses and not-for-profits.  We also wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of other children that have not had the opportunity that many Australian children take for granted.  We therefore have partnered with Hohidiai to cover the education costs of 35 children living in full-time care.

Working in the remote and needy, Maluku Islands in Indonesia, Hohidiai provide a day clinic, hospital care, tuberculosis and leprosy clinic and a treatment centre for victims of HIV/AIDS. A small farm is being developed offering agricultural training and food security for those who live on site.

Hohidiai has developed a caring community, supporting extremely vulnerable children.  The more than 50 children in full time care are mostly from situations where their physical safety has meant that it is not possible to live at home or with relatives. Many of these children would have died or been trapped in an endless cycle of abuse without Hohidiai’s intervention. Hohidiai takes care of abandoned and “at risk” children and partners with a school to provide education for these and other children.

While some of these children do have some sponsorship, there are aspects of their lives that are not covered. A quality education in a well-run school is considered to be a significant component to give them every opportunity to thrive as adults.

The Hohidiai school has been recognised as the best in the region, providing quality education in both Indonesian and English. One of the goals of the school is to train up future political, business and community leaders for the area. By providing school fees and transport to get them there, Saward Dawson will be having a lasting, positive affect on 35 children, in this isolated part of Eastern Indonesia.

Hohidiai have been working in this poverty-stricken area for many years. They have provided much-needed medical care, education and community development after a horrific conflict in the region saw 10,000+ people killed. The Hohidiai projects are assisted by an Australian couple who have been residents in the area for about twenty years. They work to train up local staff to ensure the community is empowered and can continue the work. The work is holistic, looking at the needs of the community and developing projects which will address these needs.

Hohidiai is responding to the COVID-19 crisis and has been asked by the local government to become one of the centres for COVID treatment.

To learn more, or to support Hohidiai, head to their website:

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