Major Projects

Major Projects

Major projects are not part of business-as-usual for most organisations. Staff are already busy doing their regular jobs and often lack experience running big projects. Saward Dawson has staff skilled and experienced with major projects, especially IT implementations, construction, and M&A.

If you will soon be undertaking a major project, talk to us about how we can help ensure your time and money are well spent and the organisation achieves a successful outcome.

Steering Committees

Steering Committees have several key roles in ensuring major projects are successful.

  • Guide the project from concept to completion
  • Provide governance over the entire project, including go/no go gateways, spending budget and deliverables or functionality
  • Formal reporting between the Project Manager(s), CEO and Board

Balancing the high level overview of the project with granular understanding of spending and people available to do the work is a challenging role, which requires experience and sufficient time.

Saward Dawson have professionals with experience who can assist Steering Committees to perform their role very effectively. We can chair the committee or take responsibility for the financial aspects of the project, including reporting and forecasts.

Selling your business

You’ve worked hard to build your business so when it’s time to sell, you should do it well which means getting the best help available. Preparing for a sale is a multi-year project; the business needs stable revenue, have a well-diversified client and supplier base and it must show potential for growth to a prospective buyer. Saward Dawson can help on all points. We will work with you to set goals, measure progress and prepare a documentation to explain the value and opportunity your business offers.

Major Projects Specialists