Good governance requires that many separate parts of an organisation are working in harmony with the same goals- the Board and sub-committees, owners, CEO, finance, risk, legal, and others all play a part of ensuring good governance.

Our specialist consultants are experienced in governance, including with committees writing standards, as directors on boards and also as executives working with boards.

Governance Health Check

The Health Check is undertaken by an experienced Governance and Risk leader, comparing your organisation’s governance practices with best practice from AICD, ACNC and CMA (if appropriate). We spend one day at your office, meeting with key staff plus a director, if possible and aim to deliver our report within a week.

Areas assessed include:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Board composition and effectiveness
  • Risk management
  • Organisation performance reporting
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Culture and ethics

ACNC External Governance Standards

The ACNC released new standards in July 2019, which apply to registered charities that operate overseas, including Basic Religious Charities.

We have prepared a toolkit to assist Boards / Governing Councils understand what they need to be doing, which can be shared with you as a 30 minute presentation.

We also have tools available to enable organisations to capture the necessary details of every project or resources sent overseas, conduct Risk Assessments and record actions taken. All of this is needed to enable annual summary reporting required by the standards.

Company Secretarial Systems & Coaching

Boards tend to have people who are very knowledgeable and passionate however meetings are often less productive than they could be. We can assist you to develop best practice Board agendas, minutes, reports and chairing disciplines so that your directors/governors stay engaged and are able to make the best contribution possible.

Governance Specialists