New Small business Specialist Advice Pathways Program grant

The Victorian Government announced on Tuesday 30 August 2022 a new Small business Specialist Advice Pathways Program grant.

The program provides $2,000 grants to employing small businesses to access professional advice and services to help them make informed business decisions and plan for the future.

Applications are now open and will close at 4pm on Friday 30 September 2022 or when the $5m pool of funds have been exhausted, whichever is sooner. Accordingly, it is important that you submit your application as soon as possible. Applications can be made here.

To appoint Saward Dawson as your Qualified Service Provider, you will require the following details for your application:
Name – Saward Dawson
ABN – 64 014 253 347
Tax Agent Registration number – 53 400 005

You will also need to name the advisor and provide their Chartered Accountants ANZ membership number. You are welcome to include any one of the following:

Bruce Saward – 26471
Joshua Morse – 44293
Matthew Stokes – 237634
Shervy Dahliana – 325733
Murray Nicholls – 292919
Andreas Faulwetter – 233510

Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to your Saward Dawson contact to ask for their CAANZ membership number directly.
We encourage you to read the following resources prior to applying:
Program Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions

The services covered a quite broad but do exclude regular compliance and tax related services. Please refer to section 5 of the Guidelines for a complete list of ineligible services.

Scope of Service

Eligible businesses can select the type of service that addresses their critical needs and provide timely information to inform their strategic decision and next business steps. Saward Dawson is able to assist with the services covered by the grant and can tailor a suitable project plan to your needs (although please note we are unable to provide legal advice).

The project is eligible for funding if expenditure supports at least one or more of the following scope of services listed below:

a) Advice and analysis regarding the management of cash flow, preparation or cash flow budgets and projections,
b) Profitability analysis and formulation of financial management and/or operational business strategies,
c) Strategic analysis to revise business planning and/or governance arrangements,
d) Advice regarding the management of debts and liabilities, or
e) Advice and/or representation regarding commercial agreement contract terms (i.e. commercial leases or commercial supply contracts).


The following eligibility criteria applies:

  • Must be a legally structured business registered in Victoria with an ABN held on and from 1 July 2020
  • Be registered with WorkSafe Victoria
  • Employ 1-19 full-time equivalent staff

The program is for employing small businesses who are established and have been in operation for more than two years. Eligible businesses include:

  • Sole traders and Partnerships – provided they are employing staff and are registered with WorkSafe Victoria
  • Trusts – provided the trust has an incorporated Trustee and that the Trustee will remain sufficiently liability for the performance of any agreement it signs and meets the criteria as set out in Section 1 of the Guidelines
  • Companies

Please feel free to contact Saward Dawson to discuss this opportunity further and to tailor a service plan to your requirements.