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“Working as a cadet at Saward Dawson has allowed me to gain hands-on work experience and develop essential employability skills. The purposeful work which creates significant social impacts, as well as a team of amazing colleagues further contributes to what makes my cadetship an invaluable experience.”


A Cadetship with Saward Dawson enables VCE graduates or students who have commenced study the opportunity to combine paid employment in the accounting profession with their tertiary accounting studies. Cadets are often able to excel in their studies through the provision of challenging and varied work experiences within a flexible working environment.

Cadets are trained in many areas of our practice including tax return preparation, client bookkeeping and auditing. Extensive use of the many different Information Technology packages is a routine part of life at Saward Dawson. The ability to learn whilst in the work environment should accelerate your progress in tertiary studies and will make them more relevant.

Our Cadets will:

  • Dedicate sufficient efforts to their studies to ensure they obtain a high standard of academic achievement.
  • Work a minimum of three days per week (approximately 23 hours). This may be increased to full time during university holidays and other times when available.
  • Continue to seek to develop personally through their involvement with other activities outside their work and study commitments.
  • Quickly progress to a level of junior accountants and beyond as they are provided with work experience and as they develop academically.