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We have staff with experience as GM Corporate Services with a major Aged Care provider.

We are particularly strong in providing:

  • Financial models of current operations and identification of improvements.
  • Analysis of your financial results against Sector benchmarks.
  • Financial models of construction projects, highlighting cash flows and ROI.

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We have specialist tools and experienced staff who are able to:

  • Convert large dumps of data into valuable insights of your organisation, your market, etc.
  • Generate better reporting from existing IT systems
  • Set up more efficient accounting processes by extracting data from one IT system, making it ready and then importing directly into another system.
  • Assist with data conversion for new IT systems.


We have a very experienced CFO on staff and can assist you with:

  • A CFO Health Check on your organisation, with recommendations for improvement.
  • An Interim CFO while you recruit, making improvements in consultation with the CEO.
  • A Virtual CFO, giving monthly reviews of performance & helping devise and implement improvements.
  • Specialist services such as Cash Flow forecasting, Budgets, Annual Forecasts, and product costing to clients that lack staff with the specialist skills required.


Our staff have been Directors, Board Chairs, and participate in writing Governance standards, with extensive experience with Companies, Charities, and Religious organisations.

We have developed a Governance Health Check to assess the state of your current practice. This enables Improvement plans to be developed and we can work with you to implement.


We have staff who are very experienced in running major projects, especially IT implementations, construction, and M&A.

We can act as the Chair of Steering Committees or apply our expertise to finance issues.


We have been very involved with the NDIS since before the first trial sites commenced.

Currently we chair the NDS Finance Community of Practice, which has membership exceeding 80 provider organisations and 140 people.

Many clients have sought our help costing their services and comparing to NDIS prices, to guide growth in a sustainable way.

We have expertise in building financial models for SDA and SIL projects, or reviewing your models.

Access senior finance & business expertise in a cost-effective way

The Saward Dawson Specialist Consulting Services methodology and approach are informed by deep technical knowledge, supported by research and extensive experience working inside organisations like yours.

We believe that our clients want practical outcomes from our work and recommendations that will add value to their organisation. We do not want to sell the latest models or theories from America. We want to see our clients realise genuine benefits from their investment in our services.

We set about understanding your business, research into the forces acting upon it and devise actions that, when implemented well, will resolve problems and create value. This is our aim and our commitment to our clients.

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