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  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Business drivers

    Ensure your team understands drivers that determine success
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Get the right advice

    It can be lonely in business. But the issues that you face are quite possibly the same as many others in similar circumstances. So get the right advice. There are plenty of avenues to explore: Peers...
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Develop a succession plan

    There are quite a few options apart from open market sale
  • 7th Feb 2013

    FocusOn - Key controls - Payroll

    Ensuring that you have adequate internal control in the payroll area is imperative
  • 2nd Feb 2013

    FocusOn - Key controls - General journals

    The general journal cycle is a unique system which differs significantly from the revenue, expenses and payroll cycles.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Be prepared to chuck it in

    Being realistic is essential. It is better to walk away from a business with your marriage intact and some home equity left.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Think twice about signing a 3 year lease

    Signing up for a shop lease on commencement of the business, only to find that sales did not eventuate as planned could be costly.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Understand the profit drivers and key performance indicators

    In order to manage and direct your business, understand your key profit drivers. They will determine the profit of your business
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Think twice about buying that BMW

    Many new business owners seek to buy a prestige vehicle as a reward for their hard work. But this is not necessarily a good idea.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Stay up to date and one step ahead

    Staying up to date with business basics is crucial. Keep your technology up to date and reap the rewards.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Get mentored

    Whatever challenges your business faces, you can be sure that someone has gone through something similar before you.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Invest in the right things

    People, systems and technology are vital to successful businesses. Training and developing staff and having good people management systems will mean you are not just paying wages, you are making an...
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Get the right funding mix

    Businesses need the right mix of funds: long term debt for assets, debt facilities that grow with you, flexibility when you need it
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Manage your risk – Asset protection

    The first step to managing risk is to understand it. Reviewing the risks peculiar to your business.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Get the right advice

    Being in business can be a lonely experience. So it is important that you have people you can trust to talk to.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Stick to your knitting

    It is important for you to understand the basics of your business. Know your strengths and build on them.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Correct structure

    It is important that your business is structured correctly. Will your structure grow with you?
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Get professional advice

    When starting a new business, get professional advice.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Have plan

    Good businesses don’t just happen! Business planning is a vital part of navigating good times and bad.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Separate business and personal assets

    If you have a company, partnership or trust structure it is vital to understand what is a business asset and what is not. We find that the clients who get their affairs into a mess inevitably mix...


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