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  • 5th Mar 2013

    Who can do an audit?

    At Saward Dawson, all audits are undertaken by registered company auditors. Most statutory audits require a registered company auditor to undertake the work. Statutory audits include audits of public...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Does my organisation need an audit?

    Many organisations are required to have their financial statements audited. The requirement to be audited may come from any of the following: governing rules, constitution or trust deed regulators...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Audit independence

    Saward Dawson complies with the APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants which requires auditors to assess any threats to independence when accepting or performing an audit engagement...
  • 27th Feb 2013

    Victorian Fire Services Levy

    Victorian businesses and property owners will be affected by a new system of charging the, already existing, Fire Services Levy.
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Build value - A strategic plan

    Firstly, it is essential to be clear why you are in business. Then develop a dynamic, concise strategic plan. Set clear goals for your business and determine measurable outcomes. These will then...
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Build value - Personnel

    People are usually the key to success
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Build value - Importance of technology

    Falling behind in technological developments can be detrimental
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Build value - Systems and processes

    Create a culture of continual process improvement
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Sustainable profitability

    Does the profitability match my expectations?
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Managing risk

    You could be adversely impacted by unexpected events
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Reporting for decision making

    Effective financial reporting enhances your ability to make timely decisions based on quantitative evidence. What information do you need to run your business effectively? Are you getting the most...
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Cash flow and finance

    All businesses need initial and ongoing funding to build and support growth. Do you understand how your business is currently funded? What is your reliance on internal/external funding? Understand...
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Business drivers

    Ensure your team understands drivers that determine success
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Get the right advice

    It can be lonely in business. But the issues that you face are quite possibly the same as many others in similar circumstances. So get the right advice. There are plenty of avenues to explore: Peers...
  • 16th Feb 2013

    Business value - Develop a succession plan

    There are quite a few options apart from open market sale
  • 7th Feb 2013

    FocusOn - Key controls - Payroll

    Ensuring that you have adequate internal control in the payroll area is imperative
  • 2nd Feb 2013

    FocusOn - Key controls - General journals

    The general journal cycle is a unique system which differs significantly from the revenue, expenses and payroll cycles.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Stay up to date and one step ahead

    Staying up to date with business basics is crucial. Keep your technology up to date and reap the rewards.
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Invest in the right things

    People, systems and technology are vital to successful businesses. Training and developing staff and having good people management systems will mean you are not just paying wages, you are making an...
  • 6th Jan 2013

    Stick to your knitting

    It is important for you to understand the basics of your business. Know your strengths and build on them.


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