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  • 12th Jun 2013

    Creating value in your business - Part 2

    This is the second article in our series on how you can deliberately increase the value of your business.
  • 22nd May 2013

    Year end 2012/13 tax tips for Business

    There may be some actions that can be done to realise the benefits of tax deductions sooner, or to defer income to the next year. There are changes for business tax to consider.
  • 5th May 2013

    An introduction to the audit process

    The audit of the organisation is a mechanism of both monitoring and accountability. Our audits are undertaken in accordance with the relevant auditing standards issued by the Australian Auditing...
  • 18th Apr 2013

    FocusOn - Reportable payments to contractors

    New reporting requirements affect payments to contractors in the building and construction industry.
  • 1st Apr 2013

    Creating value in your business

    Great businesses rarely just happen. You need to be targeted.
  • 28th Mar 2013

    Deciding if we need an audit

    Organisations are required to undertake audits for a variety of reasons: As directed by a regulator As directed by the governing documents such as rules or constitution As directed by an external...
  • 16th Mar 2013

    Business value - Competitive advantage

    Every business should understand what differentiates them from competitors. Understand why your customers come to you. Whilst price is always important, build points of difference around: Excellent...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    The Saward Dawson approach

    Saward Dawson's team has expertise in the provision of audit and assurance services. We undertake many financial statement audits for both for-profit and not-for-profit (NFP) entities. We also...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    The audit process - Planning

    During the planning stage work is undertaken to understand each organisation's activities, risks and control framework. This process delivers a formal risk map and audit plan ready for engagement...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Other assurance related services

    In addition to our financial statement audit services we also provide many other related assurance services including: reviews internal audit grants and acquittals due diligence investigations agreed...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    The audit process - Systems and control

    Where we determine that the internal control framework is sufficient to mitigate audit risk efficiently we document, assess and test internal controls. This intervention seeks to establish the...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    What is an audit?

    An audit is an independent evaluation of a process, outcome or report with a view to providing a level of assurance to various stakeholders. Most commonly audit is referred to as "the provision of...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    The audit process - Substantive

    Work is performed on balances and transactions that make up the financial report to ensure that the financial report is true and fair. The procedures used are determined after the planning, systems...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Conduct of an audit

    At Saward Dawson we undertake our audits in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Auditing Standards. The standard set out the requirements, processes and reporting to be followed in the...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    The audit process - Reporting

    During the reporting stage of the audit we will communicate with both management and the governance members. Audit Guide - The audit process
  • 5th Mar 2013

    The audit process

    The audit process includes the assessment of risk associated with the information being audited and the execution of various audit procedures including: review and testing of internal controls...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Who can do an audit?

    At Saward Dawson, all audits are undertaken by registered company auditors. Most statutory audits require a registered company auditor to undertake the work. Statutory audits include audits of public...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Does my organisation need an audit?

    Many organisations are required to have their financial statements audited. The requirement to be audited may come from any of the following: governing rules, constitution or trust deed regulators...
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Business update - March 2013

    Various updates for those who own or run a business.
  • 5th Mar 2013

    Audit independence

    Saward Dawson complies with the APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants which requires auditors to assess any threats to independence when accepting or performing an audit engagement...


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