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  • 4th Jun 2015

    Board performance improves organisational performance

    Over recent years, there has been increasingly wide acceptance that good governance practices can benefit all organisations, not just larger ones such as ASX listed companies and multinationals. An...
  • 19th May 2015

    Year end 2014/15 tax tips for Business

    For small businesses there is a change of tax rate on 1 July 2015, so any income earned after that date will be taxed 1.5% less than income earned before 30 June 2015. To take advantage of this,...
  • 19th May 2015

    SuperStream - Just around the corner

    The introduction is fast approaching. Be prepared.
  • 13th May 2015

    Budget 2015 - Business overview

    Assessing the ramifications of 2015/16 Federal Budget for business
  • 5th Mar 2015

    FBT rate increase

    The Deficit Levy will increase the FBT rate by 2% but there is relief for NFPs
  • 4th Mar 2015

    Flexibility and adaptability

    The challenge of change means all businesses need to adapt
  • 15th Dec 2014

    ASIC fees and penalties

    Being only one day late will incur a $74 penalty; more than one month late $308 penalty
  • 9th Dec 2014

    ATO confusion

    The ATO has announced that once an activity statement is lodged electronically then they will no longer issue a paper activity statement.
  • 2nd Dec 2014

    Happy Christmas... and don't forget the FBT

    When employers will be planning to reward staff with a celebratory party or event, you need to consider the FBT and income tax implications
  • 28th Nov 2014

    Technology and tax

    We advocate improved technologies that help business to lodge their own tax returns. But we warn of the risks.
  • 7th Oct 2014

    SuperStream - Streamlining super payments

    To create greater efficiencies in the superannuation system, the government has introduced a new reform called ‘SuperStream’. Under SuperStream, employers must make super contributions by submitting...
  • 12th Sep 2014

    Business finance - Time for a review

    Reviewing your finance is often overlooked but can be very benificial
  • 3rd Sep 2014

    Repeal of the "Mining Tax"

    The repeal of the Mining Tax also means that some concession to small business will also be rescinded.
  • 28th Aug 2014

    WorkCover - The essentials

    The main areas of interest that our clients ask about WorkCover
  • 5th Aug 2014

    PAYG instalments threshold increases

    From 1 July 2014, PAYG instalment thresholds have increased, which means that some taxpayers no longer need to pay instalments
  • 23rd Jul 2014

    FocusOn - Running a company

    All companies are required to keep financial records from which true and fair financial statements can be prepared
  • 22nd Jul 2014

    Small business online dispute resolutions

    Small businesses in a dispute are set to benefit from the launch of Dispute Support
  • 22nd Jul 2014

    FocusOn - Electing to be a family trust

    A trust becomes a family trust if it makes a family trust election
  • 21st Jul 2014

    FocusOn - Division 7A

    Our FocusOn documents are comprehensive overviews. The topics are often very complex and we recommend you contact us before acting on transactions. This sample pdf shows the typical detail in our...
  • 18th Jul 2014

    FocusOn - Companies

    The company is a separate legal entity from its owners (shareholders) and those who manage it (directors)


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