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  • 4th Jun 2015 Business

    Board performance improves organisational performance

    Over recent years, there has been increasingly wide acceptance that good governance practices can benefit all organisations, not just larger ones such as ASX listed companies and multinationals. An...
  • 3rd Jun 2015 Individuals

    Financial planning seminars updates

    It’s been a busy month for client seminars run by our Financial Planning team. Wealth building basics for women In early May, we held a wonderful seminar for women with Vicki Adams presenting on...
  • 1st Jun 2015

    Changing direction

    After more than 30 years, Cliff Dawson retires from active involvement at Saward Dawson
  • 27th May 2015 Individuals

    What happens to your super when you die?

    Your superannuation does not automatically get included in your estate
  • 20th May 2015 Individuals

    Year end 2014/15 tax tips for the individual

    Some last minute tips as we approach the end of the financial year
  • 19th May 2015 Individuals

    How much is enough?

    Retirement savings - How much do you need?
  • 19th May 2015 Business

    Year end 2014/15 tax tips for Business

    For small businesses there is a change of tax rate on 1 July 2015, so any income earned after that date will be taxed 1.5% less than income earned before 30 June 2015. To take advantage of this,...
  • 19th May 2015 Business

    SuperStream - Just around the corner

    The introduction is fast approaching. Be prepared.
  • 14th May 2015 Economy

    Victorian State Budget 2015

    The Victorian state budget was delivered in early May and mostly contains a number of spending measures. Overall, a surplus is expected over the 4 year forecast period. With nearly half of the state...
  • 14th May 2015 Not-For-Profits

    Is the ACNC still safe?

    As part of Treasury’s forward budgeting released with the 2015 Federal Budget, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) has been funded until 30 June 2019. However, this funding...
  • 13th May 2015 Individuals

    Budget 2015 - Superannuation

    The impact on Superannuation in the 2015/16 Federal Budget
  • 13th May 2015 Individuals

    Budget 2015 - Social Security

    The impact of the 2015/16 Federal Budget on social security
  • 13th May 2015 Economy

    Budget 2015 - Comment and overview

    Chalk and Cheese The 2015 budget is likely to be remembered as the exact opposite of the previous budget. Whereas the 2014 budget was contractionary the 2015 budget seeks to stimulate spending...
  • 13th May 2015 Individuals

    Budget 2015 - For Individuals

    How the 2015/16 Federal Budget affects the individual
  • 13th May 2015 Business

    Budget 2015 - Business overview

    Assessing the ramifications of 2015/16 Federal Budget for business
  • 13th May 2015 Not-For-Profits

    Budget 2015 - Not-for-profit sector

    Assessing the impact of the 2015/16 Federal Budget on the NFP sector
  • 12th May 2015 Not-For-Profits

    NFP reform - Competing for space

    The NDIS means that consumers will choose their provider meaning competition between providers
  • 12th May 2015 Not-For-Profits

    FBT risks for schools

    It is common for schools to provide fringe benefits to attract and retain teachers or other staff. These fringe benefits are generally provided as part of a salary packaging arrangement and factored...
  • 23rd Apr 2015 Not-For-Profits

    NFP update - April 2015

    Recent announcements by the Assistant Treasurer, Mr Josh Frydenberg
  • 11th Mar 2015 Individuals

    Family Assistance Payment reminder

    Lodgement of the 2013/14 is required to get your full entitlement


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