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  • 12th May 2015 Not-For-Profits

    FBT risks for schools

    It is common for schools to provide fringe benefits to attract and retain teachers or other staff. These fringe benefits are generally provided as part of a salary packaging arrangement and factored...
  • 12th May 2015 Not-For-Profits

    NFP reform - Competing for space

    The NDIS means that consumers will choose their provider meaning competition between providers
  • 23rd Apr 2015 Not-For-Profits

    NFP update - April 2015

    Recent announcements by the Assistant Treasurer, Mr Josh Frydenberg
  • 11th Mar 2015 Individuals

    Family Assistance Payment reminder

    Lodgement of the 2013/14 is required to get your full entitlement
  • 5th Mar 2015 Business

    FBT rate increase

    The Deficit Levy will increase the FBT rate by 2% but there is relief for NFPs
  • 4th Mar 2015 Business

    Flexibility and adaptability

    The challenge of change means all businesses need to adapt
  • 2nd Mar 2015 Not-For-Profits

    NFP actions required before 1 July 2015

    Charity sub-types and PAF governing rules
  • 25th Feb 2015 Individuals

    Estate planning - Where there's a will, the way might not be that obvious

    Estate planning involves a lot more than just having a will
  • 20th Jan 2015 Not-For-Profits

    NFP update - January 2015

    ACNC compliance, Ancillary Funds, provision of housing and Health promotion charities
  • 15th Dec 2014 Individuals

    Laziness can be expensive

    Reviewing your electricity and gas suppliers can be very worthwhile
  • 15th Dec 2014 Business

    ASIC fees and penalties

    Being only one day late will incur a $74 penalty; more than one month late $308 penalty
  • 11th Dec 2014 Individuals

    What lies ahead in 2015?

    There is no need to feel powerless. Now is a great time to start a plan.
  • 10th Dec 2014 Individuals

    The season for giving

    Use that hand full of nuisance shares to help someone less fortunate
  • 10th Dec 2014 Individuals

    Setting a national path for super

    This week saw the release of The Financial System Inquiry (FSI) recommendations by the Treasurer, Joe Hockey. The year long inquiry saw David Murray and his panel undertake the most significant...
  • 9th Dec 2014 Business

    ATO confusion

    The ATO has announced that once an activity statement is lodged electronically then they will no longer issue a paper activity statement.
  • 2nd Dec 2014 Business

    Happy Christmas... and don't forget the FBT

    When employers will be planning to reward staff with a celebratory party or event, you need to consider the FBT and income tax implications
  • 2nd Dec 2014

    A friend from Germany

    Being part of a global network of accountants presents all sorts of opportunities
  • 28th Nov 2014 Business

    Technology and tax

    We advocate improved technologies that help business to lodge their own tax returns. But we warn of the risks.
  • 7th Nov 2014 Individuals

    Accessing your super fund for medical procedures

    It is possible, but difficult, to withdraw some super savings to cover medical expenses
  • 1st Nov 2014 Individuals

    Bitcoins and tax

    Bitcoin is a software-based online payment system, which the US Treasury has called a "decentralised virtual currency". The media often refers to Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency or digital currency. The...


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