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Rowan Cooper

Practice Manager

Bachelor of Engineering
Bachelor of Information Technology

Rowan spent about 15 years working in the IT industry before joining Saward Dawson. "It became apparent pretty quickly that I was a lousy programmer" but being in both medium sized and large international organisations presented many other opportunities.

He enjoys making other people's jobs easier through the use of technology and process design. Rowan leads our Administration team and is really proud of the team. "They are great to work with and very capable."

He describes his job as doing "everything that the accountants don't do" with much of his time dedicated to IT management including the website and utilising the internet, marketing, HR, newsletter and bulletin production, generally keeping the place running and sometimes removing spiders from the walls.

When not in the office

Sports - Cricket (test matches), golf (sometimes hits good shots but not often enough)
Reading - Mainly non-fiction and history.
Gardening and growing fruit and vegetables

Rowan loves renovating his house and digging holes in the garden. "It really helps you to slow down in this fast paced world. Gardens happen slowly and it is great to slow down to their pace."

He loves cricket but only the five day game. He likes to indulge in the occasional game of golf, sometimes hitting a good one.

Favourite holiday destination: Outback Australia
"Get me away from it all" best sums up Rowan's attitudes to holidays. Having travelled to many countries around the world Rowan still loves getting away to Australia's red centre. He loves the awesome solitude and wide open spaces. His two favourite walks in Australia are Ormiston Gorge and the Pound in the Western MacDonalds and the St Mary's Peak walk including Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Rangers.

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